How An Oil Giant Is Weaning Itself From Crude

After the United States, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the top oil-producing country in the world—underwriting 12% of the global supply. When it struck oil in the fields of Dammam back in March of 1938, Saudi’s revenues have increasingly depended on the “black gold” that powers much of the world’s activities—from manufacturing to transport. […]

So…You Don’t Think You Need Tech Support? (Hold my beer.)

Had the whole thing pushed through last year (2020), it would have showcased all the latest innovations and technological marvels: autonomous taxis shuttling spectators from airports to hotels to sporting venues, robots assisting athletes with their luggage, gadgets instantly translating one language to another, and a man-made meteor shower, for starters. The Olympics. #Olympics #Tokyo2020 […]

Why Lawyers Of The Future Will Need To Wear “Hats”

There’s a strange thing going on between law firms and accounting firms which has led to some pretty unprecedented changes. (Watch out because the landscape is changing!) Law firms saw their moats disappear when the “Big Four”—KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY—set the crosshairs on the former’s client base and zone of influence. In a typical […]

The $840 Million Zappos “Secret Sauce” (and How You Can Use It To Supersize Your Empire)

Zappos doesn’t sell shoes. It sells “WOW.” It says so on their website. I swear @zappos has ninjas working for them. I just ordered shoes last night and they’re already sitting on my porch. Thanks to whoever grabbed my order and sprinted overnight with it to my house. That’s how you create #BrandLoyalty #CustomerExperience #Zappos […]

Death By A Thousand Cuts: Your Business Is Only As Strong As Your ‘Helen’

There is an ancient and extremely cruel form of torture in the orient called “lingchi”. It is reserved for capital crimes and involves systematic cuts made throughout the body (usually starting with the chest). The idea is to make eventual death a long and drawn-out process and exacting the most excruciating pain from the victim. […]

What To Do When The Bugs In Your Product Are “Asymptomatic?”

At the 2018 Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference, “somebody” stole the show and blew everyone’s minds. It was “Google Assistant” making a restaurant reservation. The task seemed simple enough—but not when you realise that it’s just lines of code talking to a real person. “Google Assistant” sounded so natural and, at times, even […]

The Most Important Job In A COVID-19 World

Gita Gopinath, the IMF’s chief economist, has called the past few months as the “Great Lockdown” of 2020. There’s the “Great Depression” (nope, this is not about that time your girlfriend broke up with you) and there’s the “Great Lockdown.” There’s nothing “great” about these things, really. It just means were stuck at home, wondering […]